4 Reasons to Get This Journal

  • Focus

    Get specific about the best parts of your journey through guided prompts that will help you focus.

  • Inspiration

    Get inspired through hundreds of our favorite travel quotes to help keep you motivated .

  • Gratitude

    Practice gratitude by recording the small moments of each day that made your trip memorable.

  • Growth

    Use the journal to reflect on your experiences and motions and grow as a person.

About Us

After over fifteen years of travel and countless notebooks, we’ve learned that most people want to document their travels but often don’t know where to begin or how to keep up the practice. Journaling is a skill that requires practice and honesty — and sometimes some help to get you started.

We created My Travel Journal to help you record the moments that mean the most along your journey so that one day you can look back and relish in all that you experience, learned and grew from.